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EKAIBA is an Art & Design Studio inspired by a passion for unique handmade products.
Every piece is created to infuse small moments of joy in these rushed time...

ORIGIN - The word EKAIBA means unique and is coined from a combination of two words - 'Eka' from Sanskrit means 'One' and 'Iba' from Slovak means 'Only'. Ekaiba art works bring together colour, form and imagery in an often startling way to depict something quite fresh, surprising and unique.

ART FORM - Our products are handcrafted in the ancient, timeless, fascinating technique of decoupage. The word decoupage is derived from the French Verb 'découpeurwhich means to cut. Over the centuries it has boasted numerous famous practitioners including Marie Antoinette, Madame de Pompadour, Lord Byron and more recently Matisse, Joseph Cornell and Picasso. The origins are traced back to Eastern Siberian tomb art dated before Christ. In the 12th century, Chinese peasants continued this art form, which then traveled to Europe in the 17th century and continued to flourish over the 18th & 19th centuries in the Royal Court of Louis XV. 

TECHNIQUE - The process involves applying meticulously cut thin slivers of paper pieces to a wooden or glass surface. These slivers are designed into a pattern, rolled and glazed with several coats of lacquer. Lacquering is even more delicate. The surface of the image is left to dry for 24 hours and then sanded. The process takes several days of glazing, followed by a rich final glaze as the top coat.

Hope you will enjoy owing an EKAIBA art work and may it bring oodles of joy to brighten your day!