Welcome to EKAIBA

EKAIBA was a pure creative calling…. I often term it as “an act of Divine Grace”
There was never an inkling of this artistic path in my life’s journey. From childhood, the only creative project I recollect was making Handmade Cards in school. After 15 years of interesting corporate stints all over India, in various avatars ranging from a French professor, a researcher to a consultant, there was an inner restlessness and quest to create something. That quest led to experimentations and making products with my own hands that were SOLD at a flea market pop up – and seeds of this creative pursuit EKAIBA were sown.

EKAIBA means unique and is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Eka’ which denotes ‘One’ and Slovakian word ‘Iba’ which means ‘Only’.

Each product created at EKAIBA has a strong story narrative and is handcrafted to bring nuggets of joy to the owner.
Customisation is a cornerstone of our studio – give us a shout and we would love to customise something unique especially for you!